Banana Leads provides Lead Generation & Virtual and Inbound Assistant Service for Mortgage Lenders, Brokers & Loan Officers. We provide below services to increase sales, closing and conversion ratio.


Banana Leads outbound Lead Generation representative speaks to opt-in prospects who are looking to purchase home or re-finance Mortgage. We speak to prospects about their current requirements and if they are interested in speaking to Loan Officer or Loan Manager to get rate quotes, pre- qualification and application, we live transfer them to you directly so you can quote rates, form loan application or set an further appointment with the prospect.

This is Pay Per Lead model in which you only pay for the leads which fits your criteria, filters & if customer is transferred to you with all basic accurate information and you set an further appointment with them.

We check all are customers against DNC, Sue-lists etc to make sure that we are transferring right prospect to you.


Our Virtual Assistant Service is what you will like the most. You must be doing marketing campaigns for your products and that triggers in-bound calls and online form fills by prospects.

We come in assistance here by providing you the service of not missing on a single prospect. We receive all the in-bound calls and form fills to our assistants who speaks to prospect about their requirements, verify and validate all the information filled out by prospect and if it is genuine then we make a warm transfer to your team or set an appointment with the prospect. Our service helps you in assisting & achieving 100% of your own marketing efforts and you never miss a prospect.

Depending on the number of prospects you receive daily by your marketing efforts we can set up Pay Per Hour or Pay Per Lead model for this service.

As per compliance and licensing requirements, our team never provides, quotes or engage with customer in any kind of Rate Quotes, Terms or negotiation for new purchase or re-finance inquiry. We do not take customer SSN(1 out of 6 requirements) which makes a Loan Application to provide LE.

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